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Youth Link


As one of the key initiatives in the Youth Development Blueprint, the Youth Network serves as a long-term platform for youth engagement and brings together a group of energetic, diversified and competitive young people who are committed to active engagement in community building.

The Youth Network, namely the Youth Link, offers its members a wide range of activities to develop their diversified talents and contribute to the community.

Youth Link activities

A wide range of youth development activities will be offered to members of the Youth Link, which include:

  • Talent development, special visit programmes, and exchange programmes outside Hong Kong, and more;
  • Large-scale government events, community services and voluntary work, etc., offering more opportunities for young individuals who are committed to serving the community to participate in public affairs; and
  • Platform for young people to engage in policy discussions and share their perspectives on various topics.

The Youth Link members will receive regular updates on the above activities. Members can sign up for these activities based on their individual development needs and interests.

How to become a member?

The Youth Link is specifically designed for young people aged between 12 and 39. Participants of various youth development programmes / activities organised or funded by the Government are welcome to register as members.

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Youth Link Leaflet

Youth Link Leaflet