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Youth Development

Youth Development

Our policy objectives on youth development are to -

Nurture a new generation of Hong Kong young people equipped with an affection for the country and for Hong Kong, global perspectives, professional skills, a mindset of lifelong learning and positive thinking;
Create opportunities for young people's upward mobility and comprehensively raise their all-roundedness and competitiveness through providing a wider array of development opportunities and support measures;
Establish more effective channels to listen to young people with different backgrounds and provide a platform for young people to participate in public affairs.
To take forward youth development work in a more effective manner, the Government established the Youth Development Commission in 2018. The Commission is chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration and it is responsible for enhancing policy coordination within the Government and enabling holistic and more effective examination of, and discussion on issues of concern to young people. The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau provides support to the work of the Commission, and coordinate various youth development measures through collaboration with relevant bureaux/departments, uniformed groups and other youth organisations.

In addition, the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau released the Youth Development Blueprint in December 2022, outlining the overall vision and guiding principles for the Government's long-term youth development work in the future. At this initial stage, more than 160 concrete actions and measures supporting youth development are put forward. The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau will take the lead to co-ordinate with relevant policy bureaux/departments for the implementation of the Blueprint.

The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau provides recurrent subvention to the following eleven uniformed groups and two NGOs for providing non-formal education and training programmes for young people -

Scout Association of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association

Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps

Hong Kong Adventure Corps

Hong Kong Red Cross Youth

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command

The Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong

The Girls' Brigade Hong Kong

Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol

Association of Hong Kong Flag-guards

Hong Kong Army Cadets Association

The Hong Kong Award for Young People

Agency for Volunteer Service

Youth Square

The main purpose of the Youth Square ( Hong Kong Centre for Youth Development) is to serve as a focal point for territory-wide youth development activities in Hong Kong. It provides facilities and venues for promoting youth development and training. Please click here for more information of the Youth Square.